Patient Services
Medication Therapy Management

Pharmacy practice is constantly evolving to best serve patients. We too have found that it is important to add clinical services to our reptoire. We are certified by the Wisconsin Pharmacy Quality Cooperative and provide comprehensive medication reviews. Have a one on one appointment with a pharmacist to review your medications, supplements, and vitamins in depth. We will discuss potential medication interactions between drugs, supplements, and herbal products, along with a discussion and a review of any concerns that you may have about side effects or use of your medication therapy. This service is covered fully by many insurance companies. Call us today to set up an appointment.


We are proud of our state of the art compounding lab. As a member of The Prescription Compounding Centers of America, we have access to a wealth of information and techniques that keeps us at the forefront of customized medication compounding.

Medication Packaging

This simple service has been life changing for so many of our patients. From those with complex medication therapies to elderly patients wanting to maintain independence in their homes, medication management via packaging can greatly reduce the risk of medication errors made in home. Imagine trying to take 10 potentially life saving medications, on time daily, without forgetting one, or accidentally taking one twice. We have had seniors go from a state of barely functioning in their home, to returning to activities and self care that they haven't been able to do in years do to simply having their medications prepared and organized for them monthly.

We have a couple options in medication packaging, including an envelope-based system and blistercards. The envelope based system (Doc-u-dose) separates medications into labeled envelopes with an envelope of each time of the day that a patients takes a medication. For an example, a patient may have an am envelope with 5 different morning medications in it, a noon envelope with 2 different meds and an evening medications with 3 different meds. Each envelope is labeled with a date, time of day, medication name, quantity, description of tablet, and patient name. Patients typically receive medications one time monthly via free in town delivery or pick-up at the pharmacy. Medication changes that are made mid month, are done in pharmacy for no additional charge.

Costs: $12.00 monthly

Long-Term Care

Ballweg Family Pharmacy currently serves several different assisted living facilities, CBRFs, and group homes. We work hard to improve patient outcomes, ease transitions in care and provide quality care and service. We offer a number of different packaging options, delivery timing, and clinical services to our facilities. Our on-site consultant pharmacist can also conduct yearly medication room inspections, medication reviews for patients, and provide staff education. Talk to us today about how we can benefit your organization and residents.